To Frans Krom, masks and the theatre are inseparable. His first introduction to masks took place in the theatre. Wishing to improve his acting, he enrolled in the Arts College in Utrecht. After performing with masks, teaching workshops, and writing mask productions, he realised he wanted to make masks himself. Having followed courses both in The Netherlands and abroad, he has mastered several traditional mask making techniques.
In his studio in Amersfoort, Frans designs and creates unique, colourful masks, extraordinary as they are not only suitable for exhibitions, but for active use on stage as well. A form of art that is characterized by originality and dynamics. Beside designing and making masks, Frans Krom also gives lectures throughout the country and performs in his own plays, or in plays directed by others. Performing with (his own) masks is important to him, because it allows him to form a bond with the pieces he creates.
As mask expert, Frans Krom stimulates both new and experienced theatermakers. He coaches, supports, and advises theatre companies planning to work with masks.
The mask maker’s passion will not go unnoticed by anyone who meets him. Possessing an extensive knowledge of the cultural-historic, expressive, and technical aspects of masks, he is a valuable source of information for people from the theatrical world and the world of arts. The gallery is well worth a visit.