Sculptural Art

In his studio-cum-gallery, Frans Krom creates and sells a wide range of masks. Aside from his ‘free work’, these masks result from assignments from individual clients, companies, and the theatre world.
In order to give each mask its unique shape and personality, Frans has studied the use of different types of materials. He is the only Dutch mask maker with a thorough command of the techniques required for the use of leather. Inspired by the Balinese masks, Frans has also mastered several woodcutting techniques. Aside from leather and wood, he also uses materials like handmade paper, canvas, iron, felt, and everything else that inspires him.
Every mask has its own identity. They are not static art objects, but animated tools. They enter into a special symbiosis with the person wearing them. That is why this form of art is original and dynamic.
Most of his work can be viewed in the gallery during opening hours or by appointment. Frans also accepts new assignments.