Balinese masks

Through a scholarship from the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts, Frans Krom was able to travel to Bali, Indonesia, to improve his skills. During his inspiring stay there, he gathered numerous experiences and insights, which he applies in his work today. Wanting to share his knowledge and experiences with Balinese masks, Frans gives fascinating lectures, including a demonstration of Balinese masks and unique film footage.
During his stay in Bali, Frans Krom learned that certain invisible powers, e.g. ‘Evil’, were given a face through masks. It inspired him to find faces for specific human archetypes, such as ‘the Silent One’ or ‘the Profiteer.’
At the end of his stay, Frans Krom left 10 descriptions of human archetypes with his tutor and co-worker. Using these as the basis for their designs, both Ida Bagus Anom and Frans Krom, in Bali and The Netherlands respectively, designed masks for each of these.
This series of masks for human archetypes shows how two mask makers, each from their own cultural background, shape a mask. Both series are in Frans Krom’s possession and are on display in his gallery.